Remote Field Trips

Starting in September 2020, Gunston Hall is offering remote field trips.  Each program is a 45-90 minute livestream.  Connect via Zoom or your district’s own video-conferencing platform.

Pick the program that fits your students:

K-2nd Grades:  Now and Then: Exploring Gunston Hall

4th-6th Grades:  Step into 18th-Century Virginia

9th-12th Grades:  George Mason and the Battle for Rights

To help support schools during this fall semester, Gunston Hall has reduced its remote field trip fees to $15 per classroom.  Each reservation includes a small service fee.

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On-Site Field Trips

(suspended until further notice)

Grades K-2: Now & Then: A Trip to Gunston Hall (75-90 min.)
The community we live in today is very different from Virginia long ago. Yet events at Gunston Hall over 200 years ago helped form important American ideas that still affect us today. Travel back in time to the home and plantation of George Mason. Your students will compare and contrast past and present by thinking about community, home and family, technology, and school. At the end, have recess (weather permitting) with 18th century children’s games.

Grades 4-6: Step into the 18th Century (90-120 min.)
Examine, Explore, Connect: Step out of your classroom and into 18th c. Virginia to help your 21st c. students meet the challenge of imagining life in colonial and revolutionary Virginia. Invite your students to explore the world of George Mason through an active examination of the spaces, people and activities involved in the Gunston Hall plantation—including his family, enslaved people and other workers.

Grades 9-12: George Mason & the Battle over Rights (120 min.)
George Mason was passionate about preserving individual rights. Your students will be actively engaged as they examine primary sources, debate, and explore. They will discover the influences upon Mason, his perspectives on rights, and the 18th c. limits on who was protected by these rights. And, they will consider their own ideas about human rights.

Other Grades: Please contact Gunston Hall education staff via email ( to determine which program is the best fit for your students.

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Fees for Field Trips

Standard Programs for Groups of 10-89 Students:
$5/student, $7/chaperone
Make it “extraordinary” by adding costumed interpreter, such as a cook, storyteller, or historic character: additional $2/student

Standard Programs for Groups of 90-150 Students:
$7/student, $7/chaperone
Includes additional hands-on activities, as well as a costumed interpreter, such as a cook, storyteller, or historic character.

Standard Programs for Groups of 151-350 Students:
$10/student, $10/chaperone
Includes additional hands-on activities and music, as well as a costumed interpreter, such as a cook, storyteller, or historic character.

Title I schools
Title I school receive complimentary admission for any standard program up to 89 students. Programs for more than 90 students on one day, “extraordinary” experiences, or special programs pay the difference from standard price. For example, a Title I school wishing to have an “extraordinary” experience will be charged $2/student, $2/chaperone.

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