Hiking Trails

Gunston Hall’s trails are accessible with a grounds pass. You will find them well marked with individually colored blazes painted on trees and posts. All are best experienced with hats, sunscreen, closed-toed shoes, long socks and pants, and insect repellant. Be sure to do a “tick check” when you return home and follow the CDC guidelines for tick prevention and, if found, removal.

Also, keep an eye out for other wildlife, especially as you walk near the fields. Deer, geese, eagles, turkeys, snakes, foxes, and groundhogs all call these areas home.

When walking with your dog, be sure to be courteous to others by keeping them on leash.

Finally, all trails are pack in, pack out.  Please take all of your trash out with you.

Bluebird Trail

Length: 0.9 mi

Elevation Gain: 16 ft

Route Type: Point-to-point

Start: Walk down the lane to the mansion.  Then turn right and follow the lane about 100 yards until you see a sign in the field on the right marking the trail start. 

Blaze: Follow the bluebird boxes

This 0.9 mile-long bluebird trail connects several dozen bluebird nesting boxes sited along the edge of our forested landscape. The hike is flat and easy, making it ideal for adults or families with mobile children or dogs.

Bluff Trail

Length: 0.6 mi

Elevation Gain: 33 ft

Route Type: Out & back

Start: From the parking lot, face the visitor center and look left. The sign for the Bluff Trail is visible at the end of the fence that lines the road.  

Blaze: Yellow

This 0.6 mile long forest trail ends at a bluff overlooking Gunston Cove, an inlet of the Potomac River, at the confluence of Accotink Creek and Pohick Creek. Enjoy the cool shade provided by paw paw trees, a fruit native to North America! This ravine hike is appropriate for adults or families with older children or dogs.

River Trail

Length: 1.7

Elevation Gain: 144 ft

Route Type: Out & Back

Start: Walk down the lane to the mansion.  Then turn right and follow the lane until you see the trail sign on the left.  It is located just beyond the old ramp made of grass-covered dirt and stones. 

Blaze: Orange, until it intersects with the Deer Park Trail, then Yellow

This 1.7 mile long forest trail begins on an 18th-century road bed and continues into the lush forest covering the edge of Mason Neck. It ends with a steep descent to a rock-studded Potomac River beach and a pleasing view of Maryland. This moderate hike is good for adults or families with older children or dogs.

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