Mason Family Genealogy

Research into the Mason family was initiated by the Board of Regents of Gunston Hall in the 1960ís. The project was conceived by Pamela C. Copeland as a means of locating documents or artifacts connected with George Mason and Gunston Hall. She directed documentary research and began corresponding with Mason descendants. In 1975 her findings were published as: "The Five George Masons: Patriots and Planters of Virginia and Maryland." Since that time information on individuals, family branches, and later generations have been added to the Mason genealogy charts.

George Mason (IV) of Gunston Hall and Family

George Mason was born in 1725 to George and Ann Thomson Mason. He was their first son and a fourth generation Virginian. He married twice, first to Ann Eilbeck in 1750 and later to Sarah Brent in 1780. He had 12 children, all of them with Ann. They were:
  • George Mason (V), 1753 - 1796
  • Ann Eilbeck Mason, 1755 - 1814
  • William Mason, 1756 - 1757
  • William Mason, 1757 - 1818
  • Thomson Mason, 1759 - 1820
  • Sarah Eilbeck Mason, 1760 - 1823
  • Mary Thomson Mason, 1762 - 1806
  • John Mason, 1766 - 1849
  • Elizabeth Mason, 1768 - 17??
  • Thomas Mason, 1770 - 1800
  • Richard Mason (twin), 1772 (lived one day)
  • James Mason (twin), 1772 (lived one day)

George Mason IV had a total of 59 grandchildren, between 21 and 24 of them were born before he died in 1792. More information about George Mason's descendants can be found in their individual pages listed in the Surname Index or a transcription from the Mason Family Bible.