Ann Eilbeck

F, b. January 1734, d. 9 March 1773
FatherWilliam Eilbeck
MotherSarah Edgar
ChartsGeorge Mason IV Descendant Chart
     Eulogy in Mason Family Bible. Ann Eilbeck Mason's own description of his wife, written in the family Bible after her death: 'She was something taller than the middle size, and elegantly shaped. Her eyes were black, tender and lively; her features regular and delicate; her complexion remarkably fair and fresh. Lilies and roses (almost without a metaphor) were blended there, and a certain inexpressible air of cheerfulness and health. Innocence and sensibility diffused over her countenance formed a face the very reverse of what is generally called masculine. Ann's son, John, wrote some time after her death: 'I remember well her funeral, that the whole family went into deep mourning suddenly prepared, that I was led clothed in black to her grave, that I saw her coffin lowered down into it by cords covered with black cloth, and that there was a large assemblage of friends and neighbors of every class and of the slaves of the estate present; that the house was in a state of desolation for a good while, that the children and servants passed each other in tears and silence or spoke in whispers, and that my father for some days paced the rooms, or from the house to the grave (it was not far) alone.' Mason ordered this inscription on the tombstone that marks her grave in the Gunston Hall burial ground: Ann Mason, Daughter of William Eilbeck of Charles County in Maryland Merchant, departed this Life on the 9th Day of March 1773 in the 39th Year of her Age, after a long & painful illness, which She bore with uncommon Fortitude & Resignation. Once She was all that cheers and sweetens Life, The tender Mother, Daughter, friend and Wife, Once She was all that makes Mankind adore; Now view this Marble and be vain no more. Ann was born in January 1734. She married George Mason IV at Mattawoman Plantation, Charles Co., Md., on 4 April 1750.1,2 As of 4 April 1750,her married name was Mason.1,2 Ann died on 9 March 1773 at Gunston Hall Plantation, Fairfax Co., Va., at age 39.


George Mason IV b. 11 Dec 1725, d. 7 Oct 1792


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